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About the book
7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence, Patrick E. Merlevede, Denis Bridoux et al. (2001)

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence
by Patrick E. Merlevede, Denis Bridoux & Rudy Vandamme

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List Price:   US: $27.95  UK: £18.99   Europe: 24.95EUR

Publisher: Crown House Publishing; (March 1, 2001)
Dimensions: (in inches) 0.90 x 9.20 x 6.08 / (in cm) 2 x 15 x 23
Paperback: 400 pages ;
ISBN: 1899836500

Includes an interactive EQ Assessment.

Over 17.000 Copies in Print

translated in several languages, including Dutch, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic
Seminars based on this book have been taught by the authors in more than a dozen contries

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7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence reveals the structuring beneath Emotional Intelligence (EI), utilising its unique framework to combine EI and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of excellence which examines how behaviour is neurologically formulated.

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence integrates the insights of EI and NLP to promote a greater understanding of how emotions work and how they can be worked upon.

This book is driven by one important message,‘Don ’t just think about it, do it!’ A model-based guide packed with powerful NLP exercises and self-assessment techniques, it allows you to design your own EQ improvement system, and to partake in an intensive EQ excellence course that utilises the self-programming practices of NLP.

A thoroughly structured, functionally formatted guide to improving your EQ, 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence serves as a textbook of EI theory, a manual of NLP techniques, and a workbook that systematically leads you through the process of dynamic EQ improvement. It answers the essential EI questions:



Stephen Gilligan, Ph. D.trainer & author of "The Courage to Love"
This book can help you develop your intellectual and emotional skills. It is practical, sound and clear. Use it - and become happier, more effective human beings.

Danielle Baillieu (NLP News December 2003)
.. to get on in your life, your company or work, and strive for the top, emotional intelligence is crucial.

Andrew Sercombe, master coach, broadcaster and author
...each page has nutrients worth absorbing into your bloodstream and you’ll not want to miss their empowering effect

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